I need someone who can really treat my dog great I love her I just don't know what else to do :(
We got Reagan from the humane society about 3yrs ago. He s a super sweet dog and a lover. He s happy as long as he s next to you. He s scared of anything loud. He does well with other dogs (we ve fostered quite a few since we ve had him) and he does well with children who are older. He s scared of really young ones so 5 and older is fine. He isn t an outside dog and he loves to cuddle.
We are down sizing our home and will not be able to provide the loving, gorgeous, charming, fun loving and awesome dog what he needs. He is free of charge and come with a bag of food and large kennel.
I adopted him when he was 2yrs old from a shelter that wasn t no-kill. He was losing time and has the cutest face. I was single at the time with room for a new dog (1st time owner) and had no idea how fast my life would change. Within a year and a half met my husband, got married, and moved from a large house with large yard to an apartment out of state. Oliver is now four years old. Pit/labrad...
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